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Culturally Competent Coaching

Our experienced coaches understand the specific needs of  job seekers. We provide a safe space for processing emotions, building confidence, and staying motivated throughout the job search.

Empowering Professionals Through Transitions

Downsizing? The In HR's outplacement services ease transitions for departing employees, protecting your employer brand. Culturally competent coaches guide professionals in updating résumés, targeted job searches, interview prep, and building networks. You'll benefit from reduced risk, improved employee relations, and positive brand ambassadors. We offer more than outplacement: inclusive workplace development, recruitment, and ongoing support. Invest in a smooth transition and a stronger, more diverse workforce. Contact The In HR today!

Resume & Cover Letter Tailoring:

Our experts help craft compelling resume's and cover letters that showcase their skills and accomplishments.

Interviewing with Authenticity: 

We guide them in presenting their unique strengths and experiences authentically in the interview process.

Targeted Job Search Strategies:

We help them identify opportunities that align with their skills, experience, and career goals. 

The Verdict Is In:
We Empower All Professionals

See what community members say about our career coaching services and network for professionals.


Yashica A. DeBerry

HR Business Partner

Tampa, Florida

Amazing results!

I utilized the Black in HR services to have my resume revamped, In return, I received an overwhelming response from recruiters, which resulted in several interviews each week during my job search process. I also developed a level of confidence to negotiate appropriately and according to my actual worth! Connect with the Black in HR experts today! I can promise you won't regret the decision to invest in yourself.

You Are In Good Hands: We Have Worked With Industry Leaders

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