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Updated: Jun 17

Black In HR Welcomes Senior Media and Corporate Executive Arnicia V. Arrington to their Executive Network.

 – Black In HR is delighted to announce that Arnicia V. Arrington, a distinguished media and corporate executive, has joined the organization as an Instructor and Elite Member. This exciting addition marks a significant milestone for Black In HR, further enhancing its mission to empower professionals of every background by providing them with unparalleled access to opportunities and resources.

Arnicia brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her new role at Black In HR. With an impressive career spanning leadership positions in iconic organizations such as EBONY & JET, REVOLT Media & TV, and Black Entertainment Television (BET), Arnicia is renowned for her ability to identify and nurture top talent. She currently serves as the Executive Vice President of People, Operations & Culture for EBONY & JET, a legendary brand dedicated to social justice, innovation, entertainment, lifestyle, and culture.

In addition to her impressive corporate career at EBONY & JET, Arrington is the CEO of Agency Eleven33, a unique consulting firm focused on elevating business, personal, and career partnerships. Her work at Agency Eleven33 showcases her commitment to sharing ground-breaking skills and lessons she has mastered over her lifetime. Her firm guides numerous careers and businesses, providing CEOs, CMOs, and other executive leaders with the tools and confidence to excel unapologetically.

Arnicia’s career trajectory includes serving as the Executive Vice President and Head of HR at REVOLT Media & TV and Sr. Director of Human Resources at the well known Black Entertainment Television (BET). Her extensive experience working closely with board members, corporate executives, and major media moguls has solidified her reputation as a game changer and accomplished strategist. Arnicia’s passion lies in empowering communities that face obstacles in their corporate climb. She leverages her networking prowess and strategic insights to propel others towards achieving their goals and becoming the best versions of themselves.

"We are thrilled to welcome Arnicia to the Black In HR Executive Network," said Prathan Powell, President and CEO of Black In HR. "Her extensive experience, strategic acumen, and unwavering dedication to empowering professionals perfectly align with our mission. Arnicia's role as an Instructor and Elite Member will undoubtedly enhance our ability to provide invaluable resources and opportunities.”

As an Instructor and Elite Member at Black In HR, Arnicia will lead a series of masterclasses, workshops, and mentorship programs designed to equip professionals with the tools and confidence needed to excel. Her presence will also amplify Black In HR’s reach, fostering stronger connections within the corporate world and opening new avenues for collaboration for job seekers and knowledge seekers alike.

"My greatest fear is leaving this world without making an impact" said Arnicia V. Arrington. "Joining Black In HR as an instructor and Elite Member, allows me to further my passion for empowering professionals. I look forward to contributing to the organization's mission and helping communities thrive", she added.

Black In HR continues to lead the charge in dismantling systemic barriers and creating pathways to success for ALL professionals. With the addition of Arnicia Arrington to its Executive Network, the organization is poised to reach new heights in its mission to empower and uplift the communities that don’t look like the norm. Her leadership will undoubtedly inspire and empower the next generation of leaders, reinforcing Black In HR’s commitment to fostering excellence and opportunity. Afterall, we are the open door to all professionals. What a way to welcome a new buddy in HR.

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